Sarah Sewing Things

Face masks with flair

About Sarah Sewing Things:

Sarah Sewing Things was born out of one makers need to fill time while sheltering in place during the summer of 2020. SST is a one woman operation based in the Bay Area where the focus is on quality, individuality, and longevity. 

About SST Face Masks:

With the outbreak of the Corona Virus the need for face masks for everyday use has become extremely important for keeping ourselves and others safe and sound.

Face Mask Details:

-Two layers of 100% cotton fabric. The interior fabric is unbleached cotton muslin, and the outer fabric is a cotton poplin in the pattern of your choosing. The fabrics are pre-washed and can go in the washer and dryer without any shrinkage.

-36" of plush elastic in either black or white fed through two pockets on the sides of the mask to create a continuous loop of elastic that will wrap around the back of the neck and head. 

-Strap slider on the elastic to make the length adjustable and to account for many different head sizes and comfort levels. 

Optional Details: 


We offer two optional details to help our masks suit your needs: a polypropylene interfacing, and a nose wire.  

-Polypropylene fabric is a non woven textile made from thermoplastic. It is lightweight, breathable, and durable.

-We use industry grade "spun-bound" polypropylene fabric which is 2.25 oz to give you a third layer of protection as suggested by recent data. The interfacing sits inside the mask between the two layers of cotton and its mesh-like nature enables high-particle filtration to help protect against recent virus mutations.

-This third layer of fabric, while thin and breathable, does add thickness to the mask. SST masks with the interfacing will feel a bit stiffer than SST masks that do not have the interfacing.

-This is NOT a removable filter.

The addition of a polypropylene interfacing should not affect the manner in which masks should be cleaned. 

-Care should be taken when ironing masks with interfacing. Since polypropylene is a type of thermoplastic, it will melt if overheated, much like cotton will burn if overheated. Masks are all ironed prior to shipping. 

     Read more about polypropylene fabric and why The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends it

-Optional nose wire for us glasses wearers who need a little extra help fighting the fog.

-The wire strip is a 3.5" piece of flexible double ended wire encased in plastic and stitched into a soft and durable plush casing. 

-Wire sits on the outside of the lining and is strong enough to shape the mask around the nose, and close gap between the face and mask. 

-Wire is placed lower on the masks than usual to hopefully allow for glasses to sit above the wire with minimal discomfort. 

-The addition of a nose wire should not affect the manner in which masks should be cleaned. 

-Masks are not guaranteed to prevent the contraction or spread of corona virus, but are in line with face mask recommendations listed by the CDC Here

See how to wear SST Face Masks in this video from my instagram channel